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Quick Guide to Fix the Problems of Dotted Circle in ITunes

Grey dotted circle on iTunes often causes numerous problems while syncing the music files from iPhone to iPad. If you have also faced similar issues you are not the only one. A large number of people have complained regarding similar problems and they have been affected. iTunes is the music store for iPhone users. iTunes was established in the year 1999 and it allows the users to do a lot of things.

Advantages of iTunes

You can navigate the music files stored on your computer or you can play, pause, rewind or fast-forward the file as well. In case you acquire an iPhone, iTunes is a must for you to sync the movies, music, photos, apps, ringtones, and podcasts to your iPad or iPhone.

The Problem

A large number of users have complained regarding the dotted circle in iTunes that creates problems while syncing the files. There are many users who are facing difficulties to fix the problem. Many users have also complained that they had sent their files through iTunes however it was not copied.

Many users have complained regarding grey dotted circle on iTunes till date. If you have also faced similar issues you must know the possible fixes. Users also told that they have faced similar issues while syncing the music from iTunes. If you are using iPhones it is important to know how to fix this issue, the discussion highlights on the same.

We have tried to come up with the possible solution for the iPhone users. Here are some possible remedies that you can apply to solve the critical issue of syncing.

Remedy 1

We recommend the users to open up iTunes and delete the files that have dotted circles beside their name. You can get a select option and you have to delete the files after selection. Afterward, you would have to visit Tunes library and you are required to drag and drop the files. We hope it will work and you can see the copied files. Now you have to select the files and you have to drop it on your device name on the left side panel of iTunes.

Remedy 2

You can find an option of manually manage music and videos, disabling this feature can cause various problems and we recommend you to check the settings and enable it from the box. Now try to drag it over the music icon on your phone and we hope you will find the files.

Grey dotted circle on iTunes

Remedy 3

Many people lack space on their devices and they often complain about facing various difficulties. In such cases, our suggestion is to verify if there is adequate space on your device. You can delete some files for managing extra space on the device and you can sync the files.

Remedy 4

In case the above-mentioned processes fail to solve your problem, you have to reset your device to factory settings. We recommend to back up your files and reset your device. After that, you can copy the backup and we hope you can fix the problems of the dashed circle on iTunes in this way. These are the most helpful techniques to fix the problems of dotted circles on iTunes.