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Overset text mean, when a sentence is too small by its typed content in it, which results into missing words, paragraphs or even the entire page of a document. It is very obvious of some errors in the documents, but it is very simple to remove such errors or missing words in your documents by just some mouse clicks only. It is not much typical to remove overset text from the documents. You just have to follow the certain guidelines or process to remove the overset text from the documents.

  • Firstly you have to find the overset text. Overset text is underlined by red line running down the left side of the text. If you looking towards you’re document in normal layout view, then you found that overset text denoted by a red dot with plus mark at the bottom of the text box.
  • Further you have to change the text box by allowing it, deleting words, changing in point size, and making the text box larger it will clear the problem. If you change the text box size then you have to adjust it again to give it proper alignment.
  • Now you have to proof read the whole document and check that all overset texts are removed. Then after you can print or change it into the PDF format for your work.

fixing the overset texts

Generally, overset texts mean certain errors and mistakes of missing words, paragraphs, and missing pages in documents, which results in incomplete document.

How to find overset text:

Sometimes when you try to convert your documents into PDF and in any other format, then you fund that it shows certain overset text in some pages or in documents. Then firstly you have to found overset text in your documents and try to fix it. Process of fixing the overset texts are as follows:

  1. Firstly you have to open up the Preflight Panel by this process (in Windows > Output > Preflight Panel). After opening it, a window box will appear as Preflight Panel. In this window box you will found the numbers of error mentioned in your document in a red dot in bottom left side of dialog box. When you click on the blue box on the top of the right side then it will highlighted the erroneous text box in your documents.
  2. Then after you change the text box which is erroneous in your document by just using the text frame option in the Preflight Panel. Now you can change your Document into PDF or you can print it.

Conclusion: Overset text means, that there are certain words, lines, sentences or even empty line breaks under any paragraph, which are not shown during the conversion and printing the document are known as overset text. Then you have to follow the certain procedure mention above to remove the overset text from your document, if you cannot remove the overset text then it will create problems in printing and converting in PDF’s.